America Rising Already Preparing For 2016 And Hillary Clinton

While getting ready to take on the Democrats in 2014, the team at America Rising is preparing for 2016 to make sure voters get all the facts about Hillary Clinton:

CNN : “Republican operatives are openly worrying about a Clinton coronation in 2016, so they plan to make use of it early. To that end, groups such as the America Rising super PAC - led by Mitt Romney’s former campaign manager Matt Rhoades - are gearing up. Defining Clinton on their terms is the first order of business. One of the organizers pointed out to CNN that this group marks the earliest sustained effort in preparing for a presidential campaign and that they plan to move in earnest in a couple of months to begin defining the potential 2016 Democratic hopefuls. Their aim is to engage Clinton well before she is able to put a full campaign staff in place.”

Time: “The Clinton fears have Republicans gearing up early for the 2016 campaign. America Rising, the new GOP super PAC founded by former RNC and Romney aides, has already begun digging up opposition research on Clinton, along with other potential Democratic candidates.”

RealClearPolitics.com : “Even partisan Republicans have little incentive to criticize her — though Clinton’s GOP opponents don’t intend to let the honeymoon continue much longer. The strategists behind America Rising — a Republican firm established last month to conduct opposition research for GOP groups and candidates — are particularly keen to set the tone for the likely media reassessment of Clinton’s record. ‘We’re going to be building the research and video infrastructure for the right looking ahead to 2016 this year — earlier than its ever been done in a presidential cycle,’ Tim Miller, the group’s spokesperson, told RCP. ‘This will allow us to hold Hillary accountable for all her various permutations over the decades and begin redefining her before she has a formal campaign apparatus.’”

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