Terry McAuliffe’s Top 5 Lies


In the first debate Terry McAuliffe was caught making a bald-faced lie about the Star Scientific Investigation. A number of news organizations called out McAuliffe for the lie, including The Washington PostThe Associated Press, and PolitiFact Virginia.

McAuliffe has a history of just making stuff up. Here are just the top 5:

#1: McAuliffe Lied About The Star Scientific Report

PolitiFact Virginia explains this one the best:

McAuliffe said the ethics report said Cuccinelli “should have been prosecuted, but Virginia laws are insufficient.”

There is nothing in the report that remotely supports McAuliffe’s claim. To the contrary, the report concludes Cuccinelli did not violate any laws.

McAuliffe’s hyperbolic statement is not only wrong, it defies any reasonable reading of the report. We rate his comment Pants on Fire.

#2: McAuliffe Claimed He Has Never Backed A Tax Increase

During the debate, McAuliffe claimed he never proposed raising taxes: 

MCAULIFFE: “Let’s just be clear on the taxes, just want to be clear. I’ve never proposed raising taxes. I’ve said at a voluntary level, local level…” CUCCINELLI: “Only raising spending, just spending.” MCAULIFFE: “…and it has to be revenue neutral. I’ve been very clear on that.”

However, McAuliffe supported Obamacare and the over $800 billion in new taxes that law created.

#3: McAuliffe Falsely Claimed That Virginia Never Bid On The GreenTech Plant

To start of his second gubernatorial campaign, McAuliffe incorrectly blamed a the Virginia Economic Development Partnership for his company putting their plant to Mississippi: 

Contrary to McAuliffe’s claim, there is no evidence the state agency decided not to bid on the project. Emails show VEDP took GreenTech officials on a tour of potential sites and contacted the company about coming to Virginia almost two years after GreenTech announced it was building a plant in Mississippi.

We rate McAuliffe’s statement False.

#4: McAuliffe Lied About His Company Taking Over The Franklin Paper Mill

Tidewater News in two different articles question "Where Is Franklin Pellets?" and asked why McAuliffe was claiming the company had created jobs in Virginia:

Early Tuesday afternoon, the paper repeated its earlier questions, adding whether McAuliffe would “continue to tout the creation of green jobs in Virginia, even though neither GreenTech nor Franklin Pellets have yet produced a single job in the Commonwealth?”

#5: McAuliffe Said He Has “Never Got Ahead In Life By Attacking People,” Even Though He Is Running Three Attack Ads Right Now

After the VBA Debate, McAuliffe claimed he never got ahead by attacking people: 

MCAULIFFE: “I never got ahead in life by attacking people. I want to do it in a positive way.”

However, McAuliffe and the Virginia Democrat Party are currently running 3 attacks ads:

As July temperatures rise, Terry McAuliffe and his Virginia Democratic Party allies are bringing the heat against Ken Cuccinelli with a trio of ads launched in recent days that each directly attack the Republican on different issues.