7 Democrats Who Just Don’t Get The Constitution

In honor of Constitution Day, we wanted to show you 7 times Democrats ignored, disregarded, or disrespected America’s founding document!

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SIGN to keep Elizabeth Warren OUT of the White House!

This week Democrats launched a campaign to draft liberal Democrat Elizabeth Warren for president.

America can’t afford to let that happen.

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Hillary’s Trust Deficit

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll discovered that only 38 percent of voters think Hillary Clinton is “honest and straightforward” – THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT! From theWall Street Journal:

Today, 38% of voters say she is “honest and straightforward,” compared with 40% who say she isn’t. That figure is better for Mrs. Clinton than in March 2008, during the Democratic primaries, when 33% said she was honest and 43% said she wasn’t. But she may have trouble making up more of that ground as she moves out of her self-imposed break from politics and is increasingly seen as a 2016 presidential candidate… .

A week into her book tour, Mrs. Clinton has faced criticism that she hasn’t given straight answers. She had to quickly walk back her comment that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001 and struggled when asked when she began favoring gay marriage, during an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross.

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Clinton Tries To Rewrite Her Record On Syria

Today, at an event in Toronto, Hillary Clinton spoke about the conflict in Syria and her support for the President’s “red line” on Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Then she claimed that President Obama’s decision to seek congressional authorization before enforcing his red line was “his and his alone,” implying she did not support it, distancing herself from the controversial move, seen as political at the time.

The problem is at the time of the debate in September 2013, Clinton came out in support of Obama’s effort to seek a congressional vote.

“Secretary Clinton supports the president’s effort to enlist the Congress in pursuing a strong and targeted response to the Assad regime’s horrific use of chemical weapons,” says a statement from a Clinton aide sent to USA TODAY. The aide was not authorized to speak publicly.

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Clinton Spins Russian Reset “Brilliant Stroke”

In an interview with the BBC, Clinton spun her Russian “Reset” policy as a “brilliant stroke.”

Actually Clinton’s spin that the “Reset” ended with Putin returning to the role of Russian President belies her own words. In 2012, nearly six months after Putin assumed office, Clinton defended Russia against Republican criticism of the “Reset” declaring, “Russia has been an ally.”


QUESTION: “You famously pressed the reset button. Are you embarrassed by that now, that gesture?”

CLINTON: “No I think it was a brilliant stroke which in retrospect it appears even more so, because look at what we accomplished. Between the Russian invasion of Georgia in August 2008, which of course torpedoed relations between United States and the Russia for good reason. We come into office, and for that period of time, the interregnum if you will, Medvedev is President, Putin is Prime Minister, and there were jobs that we wanted to get done. We wanted to get Russia on board with tough sanctions against Iran. We wanted to have a new START Treaty to limit nuclear weapons. We wanted to get their help in transiting across through huge country to get things we needed into Afghanistan. We got all that done. Putin comes back. Look where we are now. He invaded another country, so yes, but while we had that moment, we seized it, we used it, and succeeded.”



Flashback: Hillary Clinton Endorsed Climate Change Regulations That Bill Admits Will Kill Jobs

In a blog post titled, “My Thoughts On Today’s EPA Proposal,” Bill Clinton admitted that Obama’s new EPA regulations will kill jobs.

However, it is imperative that the states most reliant on coal to generate electricity and those with people who work in the coal industry be given ample resources to deal with any dislocation that occurs-not just for retraining, but for employment in the new businesses and jobs this rule will generate. They haven’t done anything wrong, and they have a right to be part of a better future.

While Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton hasn’t commented on Obama’s use of executive power, a review of the public record shows that she actually supports tougher regulation.

In 2009, Clinton said that the United States was “ready to embrace” cap-and-trade legislation that would cut carbon emissions 30 percent by 2025. Obama wants to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent five years later, in 2030.

Because Hillary’s end-goal year is five years earlier, states would have to take even more extreme measures to achieve the emissions cap. More jobs would be lost and energy prices would spike even more dramatically.



Haitians Upset Over Clinton Reconstruction Nightmare

4 years after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake leveled the country’s capital and caused damage across the country, many of the reconstruction projects led by former President Bill Clinton as head of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) have failed. In one case, an IHRC project left Haiti on the hook for millions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The article detailed how millions in public and private funding went to low quality or unfinished projects. One such project was supposed to develop a codependent power plant and port, has not been completed and remains almost $190 million over budget because USAID lacks ‘expertise in port planning in Haiti.’ Now Haiti is responsible to finish the project even though the GAO doubts they will be able to find private financing for it.

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